Name of project: Antonihojen
Assignment: Competition
Type: Urbanism
Client: City of Præstø
Location: Præsto, Denmark
Year: 2016
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Ivana Stancic, Natalia Raczkowska, Anne Remme Jakobsgaard, Ebba Nyberg, Maria Kontopanteli, Morten Nielsen


Antonihojen is a vision of a scenic town releasing the full potential of the unique interplay between residence, community and landscape. The design encourages new ways of living and sharing concepts, building up a progressive and modern way of life while giving residents the unique experience of living in untouched nature.

The new neighbourhood is with full respect adapting to the structure of an old medieval city and its culture, at the same time moving the housing concept a step further. Small clusters of houses are organized in a structure that varies in density and adapts to the local landscape. Direct access to nature and a vibrant local community are the core values of the development. It provides a privatized collective, building up a progressive and modern way of life.