Name of project: Bavnehøj Youth Housing
Assignment: Commission
Type: Youth Housing
Client: Private
Size: 1.580 m2
Location: Sydhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2017-2018
Status: Under construction
Architects: WE Architecture
Collaborators: JN Construction, Drias Ingeniører
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Kasper Munk, Alicja Krzeszewska, Corrado Galasso, Alexandru Pavel, Camille Tailardat, Philip Thusholdt, Simon Skriver, Ieva Vysniauskaite, Antonina Salmina, Marek Harnol


Bavnehøj Allé is a project that seeks to set new standards for youth housing. The apartments are detailed with raw and rough materials giving them a unique and personal feeling.

It’s all about the detail…

The exterior of the building  is a simple combination of two blocks. The facades are composed of wooden mosaiques that shelters the private and semi-private spaces, where the students will be able to extend their residence out into the green, outdoor surroundings, and also give the building a poetic, warm and vivid expression. The lamellas are designed within a consisting frame system, that altogether creates a balanced variety due to its horizontal - vertical directions.

The building will be finished in the late 2018. WE Architecture has been the responsible architects for the detailing and constructing phase.

2017_06_26_BLACK COURTYARD.jpg
Exterior view4.jpg