Name of project: Boligrækkerne
Assignment: Framework contract (strategic partnering)
Type: Social housing
Client: Boligselskabet Sjælland
Size: 250-300 houses
Location and area: Denmark
Year: 2018-2022
Status: Ongoing
Budget: Total construction sum: 500 mio. kr., entreprise sum: 330 mio. kr.
Architects: WE Architecture and Mangor & Nagel  
Photo credits: WE Architecture
Engineers: Holmsgaard Ingeniører
Landscape architect: Plan+Landskab
Contractor: Danhaus



In the next 50 years we will experience more elderly and more will choose to live as singles. This tendency is already seen in several Zealand municipalities, which increases the demand for rental housing. At the same time, housing must be the focal point for a strong social community, something that public housing is known for.

Boligrækkerne is a 4-year framework contract with Boligselskabet Sjælland. The framework is based on a new building technique in Denmark where the houses are build of elements around a wooden skeleton. It only takes 2-3 days to assemble the elements into finished houses. The elements are assembled indoor under controlled working conditions without wind and weather obstructions, which provides a high quality product to an affordable rent. This allows the houses to be sold at a fixed price that will not be pulled up due to bustle in the construction. This makes it easier for municipalities to say yes to more public housing because it is possible to go from idea to action in a few months.

Boligrækkerne will be build in one and one-and-a-half plans, terraced houses with displaced facades in solid wood. The terraced houses will have a modern, nordic look and a family-friendly environment.