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Cancer Center


Name of project: Cancer Center
Assignment: Invited Competition
Type: Cancer Caring Centre
Client: Kræftens bekæmpelse & Realdania
Size: 700 m2
Location: Næstved, Denmark
Year: 2012
Budget: 14,5 mio kr
Visuals: Luxigon
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Nora Fossum, Rasmus Røgen, Justin Cua, Karen Shiue, Kristian Hindsberg, Lasma Grigone & Casper Berntsen


The new Cancer Care Center in Næstved is located in close proximity to the regional Hospital. The purpose of the center is helping anyone affected by cancer through professional help in exceptional buildings specifically designed for this.

The surroundings of the oblong site are mainly characterized by a busy road to the east and outdated 60’s buildings belonging to the hospital.


“In order to create a building inspired by the model of healing architecture, the Cancer Care Centre was designed as an introvert building, opening up towards two inner courtyards.”


From the street, the building appears as a four-sided polygon covered by a soft landscape of explosive greenery. From the interior, the building appears as a transparent yet intimate space where the green gardens are incorporated in the indoor spaces.


The functions are divided into 3 parts. The “living room” is placed between the two courtyards and serves as the main space of the center. The two remaining parts, the public functions and the administration part, are organized as loops around the courtyards, ensuring constant contact to the green gardens in the corridors.


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