Name: Egedal Boliger
Assignment: Competition
Type: Residential, Urbanism
Client: KAB
Size: -
Location: Ølstykke, Denmark
Year: 2016
Status: -
Team: Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Marc Jay, Corrado Galasso, Alexandru Pavel, Thea Gasseholm, Barbara Drud Henningsen, Cristina Batista-Flores, Alicja Szczęśniak, Ainhoa Mur


”The new station district” seeks to create a diverse and safe neighborhood that supports holistic and sustainable living. A dense residential area that offers something beyond the usual – with diversity in the residents composition, variety of outdoor spaces and outdoor activities, as well as great homes that support healthy living.

The vision is to create a healthy and green city that encourages movement - walking, cycling, using of public transport and minimizing driving. The district offers outdoor space that inspires the active lifestyle, with areas for games, movement and friendship. Other outdoor spaces offer nature experiences and areas for immersion, sensation and tranquility.

egedal diagrams.PNG
final_pedestrian_street AS.jpg