Name of project: M0-C0, Lisbjerg
Assignment: Open international competition
Type: Co-housing
Client: Europan 10
Size: 4000 m2
Location: Lisbjerg, Denmark
Year: 2009
Status: Competition, 2nd Prize
Team: Marc Jay, Heidi Østergaard, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Marie Hesseldahl Larsen, Lawrence Mahadoo, Eva Hviid Nielsen

Today’s increasing mobility, changing social systems, new flexible family patterns and the general demand for sustainability makes it relevant to rethink housing to match the ways of living. Furthermore, it demands elaborating architecture with an ambitious social agenda, suggesting new forms of urban and residential life.

Is it possible to reformulate a way of living where the social network is incorporated? Where the informal meeting happens at home and unforced?

Our project suggests a new typology where a rational repetitive system of simple prefabricated squares is interlocked as to form a flexible and diverse ‘chain structure’ that creates the overall masterplan of the site. The pattern of the ground floor is shifted on the upper floors, creating yet another level of variation of the rational system and a dynamic streetscape. This same pattern allows the building to merge itself into the landscape and, simultaneously, express both unity and individuality.