Name of project: Farum
Assignment: Invited competition
Type: Urban Planning
Client: Realdania & Furesø Municipality
Size: 96.000 m2
Location: Farum, Denmark
Year: 2012
Status: Competition completed
Collaborators: JWH arkitekter, Preben Skaarup landskabsarkitekter, NIRAS, Gitte Marling
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Nora Fossum, Kristian Hindsberg, Casper Berntsen, Steffen Ommundsen , Mikkel Friberg, Tom Benjamin Hobbs, Justin Cua & Karen Shiue

Today suburbia is a typology that has been greatly criticized. We believe that suburbs have great potential in becoming qualified and generous spaces for the inhabitants. This competition was initiated by Realdania in order to create debate and visions for “The Suburbs of the Future”. Farum is today a fragmented suburb located 20 km from the centre of Copenhagen. The competition area is divided by large roads into islands of eclectic architecture composed of buildings mainly from the 70s and the 80s. 

The main idea of the proposal is to preserve and enhance the character of Farum as a future suburb. The atmosphere of each island is intensified by preserving the existing typologies and upgrading the green areas. The area is densified on the premises of the neighbourhood, creating the familiar squares and qualified plazas that we know from suburbs, rather than defined streets. 

Surrounded by the built islands, the site Bybækgunden, plays the role as a representative model for how to create densified suburbs of the future. The building typology is planned after a grid of 40 x 40 meters with mixed functions in up to 6 storeys. This flexible grid allows space for large squares and pockets in the porous building mass. The resulting typology is a harmonic variety of suburban and urban elements.