Name of project: Generationernes Frederiksberg
Assignment: Competition
Type: Old care center and Football club / Generation House
Client: Ingeborggården and Frederiksberg Boldklub (FB) 
Size: 18.000 m2 + landscape
Location and area: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Year: 2018
Status: -   
Budget: -
Architects: WE Architecture and Mangor & Nagel  
Photo credits: -
Engineers: Rambøll    
Landscape architect: MASU Planning
Contractor: BNS
Consultant: BNS
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidh-Nielsen, Corrado Galasso, Thea Gasseholm, Arianna Gori, Elisa Gallazzi, Davide Piva, Giovanni Simioni, Àngels Garcia Andreu


Generations Frederiksberg is a project that seeks to exploit the synergies that arise when connecting different functions. Ingeborggården nursing home and Frederiksberg football club will enjoy their neighborhood in many areas and our ambition has been to create a building that supports the common experiences. Due to its openness and flexibility, it becomes a space for the whole neighborhood - educational institutions, sports associations, nursing homes and private individuals looking over. A modern assembly house that associates young and old, passers-by and staff in a harmonious mix.

Our starting point has been to draw a nursing home that proudly embraces the large scale with an effective floor plan, but without losing the friendly and human expression. In the same way, we would like to continue on the modernist city plan and create green gardens around the building. It must be done with a loving care for the in and out of the living areas, such that they will appear with a clear hierarchy between public, semi-public and private. In this way, the building becomes a warm and welcoming house that will serve as an active gathering point for the entire neighborhood.

To create a house with a high level of homeliness and good logistics, we have worked with a typology we call WW plan. The WW plan visually shortens the length of the facades for a more human scale and it creates small pockets that open up to the surroundings, varying in order to meet the users' diverse needs. In the center of the building is a green courtyard that invites to a moment of peace or a quiet conversation. In this way we will have a building with a hatched yard and gardens opening to the neighborhood, as well as an efficient logistics around two vertical hubs - one for each department.

A house where all ages can meet the joy of activity and movement.

STUE PLAN 400-01.jpg