Name of project: Hillerød Syd
Assignment: Open Competition
Type: Master plan
Client: Hillerød Municipality
Size: 42.000 m2
Location: Hillerød, Denmark
Year: 2013
Status: Shared 1st Prize, moving to 2nd fase against two other firms
Collaborators: JWH arkitekter, Sweco engineer, Frode Birk Nielsen
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Nuria Carbonell, Tina Vilfan, Aleksanders Dembo, Mantas Vilkelis, Ivana Stancic, Bojan Afolter, Natalia Lopez Ernst, Cecilie Skielboe

The project takes its starting point in the grids universal principles, establishing an efficient and flexible base to future urban development. Linking the historic city and existing nature with the future city.

The choreographed collage
The suburbs is often compared to a collage which composition consists of random fragments and arbitrary connections. This project is a choreographed collage of layers, with either a suburban, green or blue theme. 

Hillerød seen from above shows a city and a castle surrounded by forest, once used as royal hunting ground. It’s wide axes of movement intersected by orthogonal stretches, creating a characteristic grid. This grid organizes the city and adds an historic dimension to the city.