Name of project: +House
Assignment: Commission
Type: Summerhouse project
Client: Orascom Development
Size: 300 m2
Location: Puerto Cayo, Ecuador
Year: 2010
Status: -
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Nora Fossum, Søren Thiesen, Hermanus Neikamp, Cassandra Nakashima, Lena Rasmussen, Jorge Cortes De Castro, Katarzyna Nycz, Máté Szabó.

The +House is developed as one big terrace overlooking the breathtaking beach of Manta. The house is formed as a plus shape, where one of the boxes is placed perpendicular on the coast line, following the terrain down the slope. The other one is placed along the same height of the hill, crossing the other box in the middle. 

The open programs such as living room, dining and entrance are placed in the box following the slope down. This grand open space in the center of the house enhances the feeling of living on a hill side, where the spaces are slowly stepping down the slope towards the beach. The second box, serves as one big terrace. Here we placed the more private functions such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The functions are placed as closed wooden boxes on the terrace, overlooking the beach. On each side of the sloping box containing the dining area, we placed a pool overlooking the beautiful beach on one hand and an outdoor kitchen and dining area on the other hand.