Name of project: Inside out
Assignment: Open international competition
Type: Theater and culture center
Client: Sundsvall Municipality
Size: 10.000 m2
Location: Sundsvall, Sweden
Year: 2008
Status: 3. Prize
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Marie Hesseldahl, Niels Lund Pedersen, Maria Ljungsten, Karin Bjorsmo


The townhall wants a new theatre directly connected to the existing culture house. The planned highway complicates this. Placing the theater east of the highway as a solitarian building with view over the sea would be desirable - an icon ending the city. Placing the theatre west of the highway will make it possible to connect the building to the existing culture house and make the buildings connect more obviously to the rest of the city but views and the contact to the sea would be obstructed by the highway.

By pulling in the sea to the building and making a landfill to the east of the bridge we create a green cultural peninsula, an endpoint worthy of the placement of the most important cultural institution in the city. The highway becomes a bridge passing through the cultural peninsula instead of being the endpoint of the city.

This creates a situation with no apparent backside which you would need in order to configure a theatre in a traditional way. As opposed to the traditional theatre program which has a front and a backside, we propose to place the closed services in the heart of the building, easing access to all extrovert functions of the house and minimizing backsides. The foyer is wrapped around the rest of the programme and connected to the existing culture house.