Name of project: 3 Storparceller i Lammekær
Assignment: Commission
Type: Social Housing
Client: KAB, Glostrup Ejendomsselskab
Size: 7200 m2
Location: Hvissinge, Glostrup, Denmark
Year: 2017
Status: Competition
Architects: WE Architecture
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Thea Gasseholm, Kasper Munk, Corrado Galasso, Alexandru Pavel, Alessandro Scialdone, Camille Madinier, Alicja Krzeszewska, Camille Taillardat


Our vision for the expansion of Hvissinge East is to create 3 new sustainable neighborhoods with 3 different characters and 3 different ways off living.

Lammekær places itself as the first rural settlement in the north, in the immediate extension of the forest-houses. The activity belt lies to the south and west, a green recreational stretch that connects the area with the rest of the city. Our vision for the project is to bring gradually greener spaces throughout the settlement to eventually blend with the existing forest in the north, so residents can benefit from a close connection with nature. 

The new Lammekær will, through a wide range of outdoor activities, strengthen the story about living in the meadow, in an active community that is suitable for all ages. Because of this, we imagined three different ways of sustainable living and inhabiting space. We created three neighborhoods according to specific housing profiles, and in between created social functions where residents can rest, have the opportunity to grow vegetables, have outdoor fitness facilities, the possibility for outdoor dining, and many other forms of social interaction.

The housing typologies have a common inspiration and follow simple geometries and a subtle materiality to appear as a varied natural settlement with homes designed to strengthen social contexts. This is, in our opinion, the prerequisite for well-functioning neighborhoods.