Name of project: Light Box
Assignment: Open Competition
Type: Gym hall extension
Client: Falkonergårdens Gymnasium
Size: 1000 m2
Location: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Year: 2010
Status: 3. Prize
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Nora Fossun, Søren Thiesen, Mátá Szabo, Stella Buisan, Kristian Hindsberg, Jorges Cortés de Castro, Thomas Helsted.

Light Box is an extension of the existing high school of Falkonergården. The building is a Danish international style complex worthy of preservation. As a result of increasing popularity and the addition of an athletic department, Falkonergården is in high lack of improved gym facilities and a larger assembly hall. 

One of the most characteristic values of the school is a highly popular pergola which runs along the façade of the existing northern building. Because adding a new hall to the school would reduce the size of the courtyard, we strived to give additional outdoor space with our building. The Light Box building is pushed half-way down into the ground in order for the roof to blend in as an extension of the existing pergola. This provides a spacious elevated terrace with increased exposure to the sun. In order to adjust to the different height requirements of the different sports fields and to ensure appropriate lighting in the hall, we created an ivy covered light box which is penetrates through the roof. The ceiling of the Light Box can be regulated in different ways in order to accommodate the various uses of the hall.