Name of project: Mariehøj Cultural Centre
Assignment: Total-consulting services
Type: Transformation from school to culture center
Client: Rudersdahl Municipality
Size: 8000 m2 restoration and 800 m2 add on/new build
Location: Holte, Denmark
Year: 2010-2015
Architects: WE Architecture + Sophus Søbye Arkitekter
Photo credits: Rasmus Hjortshøj, WE Architecture, Lars Eldrup
Engineers: Øllgaard + Spangenberg & Madsen
Landscape architect: MASU Planning
Contractor: BNS
Consultant: Hausenberg
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Thomas Helsted, Kurt Ohlenschaeger, Hermanus Neikamp, Lawrence Mahadoo, Lena Reeh Rasmussen, Jenny Sellden, Zsofia Horvath, Nora Fossum, Søren Thiesen, Luis Grill, Martin McSherry, Indre Motiejunaite, Nuria Carbonell Etyo, Casper Berntsen, Mantas Vilkelis


Mariehøj Cultural Centre draws a clear profile in the landscape. The new foyer invites all people of Rudersdahl Municipality in and functions as a heart that brings people together and highlights the many users and activities in the house. The cultural centre merges together with the green landscape bridging the gap between the arrival area, the cultural plaza and the beautiful backyard of Mariehøj. The building opens up towards the surroundings and incorporates the green qualities to the activities in the house.

The house is both a cultural activity centre and a well-functioning working place. Through reorganization and rebuilding, better spaces for individual activities and appropriate position of the different functions are created. At the same time more meeting points are created, which bring the multiple activities in the house together and offer a space where new meetings and activities across interest and age arise.

The new cultural centre is a single organism with a high aesthetic and functional quality. The reconstruction of the house is not just an upgrade but also a vision for how the cultural centre can meet future challenges and enhance the unique character and common stories. Mariehøj Cultural Centre invites people to draw inspiration from new stories, complete experiences and the cultural life. The cultural centre inspires and generates both familiar and new interests, and promotes new meetings between users and staff. The new foyer takes the best of the existing buildings styles and introduces a new typology not foreign to the rest of the building.

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