Name of project: Gellerup Neighborhood Plan - Dortesvej
Assignment: Commision
Type: Masterplan
Client: Brabrand Boligforening
Size: Masterplan: 500.000 m2
Location: Gellerup, Aarhus, Denmark
Year: 2015
Status: In progress
Collaborator: JAJA Architects
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Kristian Hindsberg, Kasper Hansen, Benedetta Pignatti

VISION - The most including and diverse neighborhood in Denmark.

Brabrand Housing Association and Aarhus municipality has planned an ambitious and radical transformation of Gellerup and Toveshøj. The intension is to transform Gellerup from a marginalized area into a vibrant and attractive town. It is important that the good visions and qualities from both the masterplan and Toveshøj also shows in the planning of the subareas and neighborhoods.

In the design of a well-functioning and vibrant housing area, the initial modernistic approach must be taken into account, without rejecting its architectural qualities. First of all it is necessary to introduce more functions and look into unused areas and thereby create a new intriguing identity to the city.

Gellerup faces a number of challenges. Gellerup possess great qualities that should be preserved and strengthened through the new masterplan and in the new visions for each district formation.

Gellerup is often considered as a closed environment, despite the public green areas and architectonical intensions. The area must be opened up so that the physical and social settings invites every community, culture, social class and person. Gellerup should also offer a broad range of platforms for meetings, relationships and communities across.

Our vision is to create a dense, safe and lively neighborhood that can offer a wide range of accommodation facilities, housing typologies, public spaces and public platforms. These measures will help to make the neighborhood a catalyst for an including diversity. The neighborhood must, by its nature and qualities, create a safe everyday life with greater relations and interactions between residents. If people feel safe and well in their neighborhood, it is also much easier to create good social relationships within the community. There must therefore be a focus on the connection between the social and physical settings, so that the district can provide a framework that will increase interactions across residents' groups.

The vision is to create a vibrant and diverse neighborhood where new residents can help to strengthen the already broad ethnic mix of residents and increase the diversity of age groups, social groups and economic groups.   

We want to make the neighborhood around Dortesvej the most including and diverse neighborhood in Denmark!



To achieve our vision of a safe, dense and vibrant neighborhood, we have formulated nine little finger rules that must lead intentions from the original master plan on the development of the area around Dortesvej. The 9 little finger rules builds on the thumb rules from the original master plan 'Gellerupparken + Toveshøj - A new multifunctional city of Arhus' but tailored to the specific challenges, the neighborhood around Dortesvej possess. The 9 little finger rules are set up in a random order, and should be seen as a number of design parameters and means that together creates a good urban neighborhood to live in.