Name of project: Urban Plan Rødovre Syd
Assignment: Open Competition
Type: Urban planning
Client: Rødovre Municipality
Size: 47 ha
Location: Rødovre, Denmark
Year: 2010
Status: Competition, 2nd Prize
Collaborators: JWH Arkitekter
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Søren Thiesen, Nora Fossum, Katarzyna Nycz, Mátá Szabo, Stella Buisan, Kristian Hindsberg, Jorge Cortés de Castro

Rødovre Syd is a suburbian area of Copenhagen, characterized by a mixture of open green areas, a network of roads, large apartment complexes and low row-housing enclaves. The project offers to transform the existing planning by adding buildings in a pixel-patchwork, as an addition to the 60’ies planning. The greater density allows for urban feel and commercial activities at specific zoom-in areas as well as a greater variety of residential. 

By creating a green loop, along which the zoom-in areas are located and the densification occurs the infrastructure prioritizes pedestrians and bicyclists. Movement along the loop offers a varied experience, switching between low-dense areas, green space and nerve centers such as a market place, a sports area and a station plaza.