Acting jury member in Rome

This very moment, WE Architecture is particpating as an acting member of the jury in the Rigenerare Corviale competition in Rome, Italy!

Rigenerare Corviale is an international design competition announced by ATER ROMA sponsored and financed by Regione Lazio.

The Corviale building is located in the suburbs of Rome and is one of the large modernistic manifestos from the beginning of the 1970s. The building is one kilometre long and has a total of 8000 residents. The original idea was that the building should function as a city.

The objective of the competition is to acquire solutions and proposals on the subjects of urban regeneration which reopen a reflection on the public city by putting together the subjects of the physical and social city.

The competition intends to collect and select design proposals to modify the system of communal areas of the main structure of the building complex of Corviale. Thus, new and better urban and spatial quality, better liveability and safety for the inhabitants are achieved.

Learn more about the Rigenerare Corviale competition here: