WE prequalified for Godsbanen project in Aarhus

WE is excited to announce that, together with JWH Arkitekter and Link arkitektur, WE have been prequalified for a competition to design a new residential block of 150 housing units / 12.000 m2, in the up and coming neighborhood of Godsbanen in Aarhus.

The competition’s aim is to design a building that responds to its context, creates the framework for the residents to meet and form a community, is sustainable and environmentally friendly, and follows the principles of circular economy.

WE is pushing the boundaries to create quality architecture that empowers communities and actively encourages people to interact with their surroundings.

First prize in Domea framework agreement


WE is happy and honored to be in the highest rated team within the framework contract for Domea, that will run over the next 4 years. We are really looking forward to getting to know our collaborators; Mangor og Nagel and Dominia, as well as our new client, Domea. We are sure that it will be a successful and amazing journey, where WE will push the boundaries for social housing, innovative design and sustainable communities as we did in the project Willemoesgade in Århus.