Name of project: Boformen Ny Kærvang
Assignment: Invited competition
Type: Health care housing for demential and psychological disabilities
Client: Region Nordjylland
Size: 2200 m2
Location: Limfjorden, Denmark
Year: 2015
Status: Competition completed
Collaborators: Skala Arkitekter, Balslev Rådgivende Ingeniører and BY+LAND
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Kristian Hindsberg, Kasper Hansen, Olga Litwa, Benedetta Pignatti, Alice Cladet, Ingrid Spacilova


As a point of departure, the proposal for Ny Kærvang in Denmark aims to create a building that unites an effective working procedure with a deinstitutionalised resident experience. In general, good physical surroundings are stimulating, create security and appear curative for patients and relatives. Ny Kærvang tries to create good and safe houses for two sensitive groups and relatives, while also creating optimal conditions for the staff.

The ambition was to create a building and treatment centre in the beautiful location in the edge of the wood, where all housing units and the shared living rooms are oriented towards the water. Thereby, everyone benefits from the magnificent view over Limfjorden. In the outer circle towards north east and Limfjorden the private functions of the building are placed as recessed and meditative units. The inner circle towards south west features the shared facilities of the building. The shared facilities are oriented towards the shared inner courtyard.

In order to create a house with a deinstitutionalised experience for the residents, the service areas and administration areas are placed in the southern part of the circle, which is a more recessed part of the building. Here, the employees can work and get breathing space during the ordinary day at the centre. Large window sections stage the attractive sea view over Limfjorden. The housing units are predisposed in such a way that it is possible to organise the individual housing unit as a completely ordinary private residence. The private terrace gives the individual resident the opportunity to enjoy the unique location on own terms.

In the designing of Ny Kærvang, WE Architecture had curative architecture in focus. Thereby, it has been essential to include a homey atmosphere, different levels of privacy, clarity and nature in the creation of the building. Furthermore, it has been important for WE Architecture to create a building where lighting conditions, materials and the physical environment for the staff are of premium quality.