Name of project: Sky-Garden Houses
Assignment: Invited competition
Type: Housing
Client: 3B Housing Association, Herlev Social Housing Association and Herlev Housing Association
Size: 4500 m2
Location: Herlev, Denmark
Year: 2011
Status: -
Collaborators: JJW arkitekter A/S, B. Nygaard Sørensen A/S, MASU planning & Hundsbæk & Henriksen A/S
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Nora Fossum, Stella Buisan, Bryanna Mcmanus, Andrius Serapinas, Kristian Hindsberg

The project implies 47 dwellings dispersed onto two sites in the outskirts of Copenhagen. The Sky-Garden Houses are the result of a set of complex requirements from the client’s side. In addition to being a very dense project, each of the two sites could only contain one elevator, serving every dwelling. As a consequence, we chose to stack duplexes on top of each other and connecting them with an over-dimensioned gallery which both serves as a circulation area and private gardens for every house.

Our goal was to re-use some of the qualities of the row houses such as a private entrance and a little front yard, and implement them in the 4 storey residential project. The result was row houses stacked in 2 levels. On the top level, some of the houses have been removed in order to give light and create attractive common gardens.