Name of project: Sønderborg Kollegium
Assignment: Invited competition
Type: Student Housing
Client: Kollegiernes Kontor
Size: 6000 m2
Location: Sønderborg, Denmark
Year: 2016
Status: Competition
Architects: We-architecture, Creo Arkitekter
Engineers: Niras
Landscape architect: Arkplan
Contractor: Chr. Johannsen
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Kasper Munk, Andrea Sforzin, Alexandra Ramos, Karen Man Lai Chang


WE Architecture proposes a new student housing complex in Sønderborg, Denmark, in collaboration with Chr. Johannsen, Creo arkitekter, Arkplan and Niras. The new student housing are part of an ambitious masterplan to convert Sønderborg Harbor.

The building concept creates various communities of different scales and characters within a modified perimeter block. The 6000 m2 building accommodates 150 housing units. The most public functions is situated on the ground floor while the student’s common spaces connects all the floors within the building and encourages informal and spontaneous meetings. A large urban courtyard is created in the gap between the student housing complex and a newly planned parking house. The building aims for a diverse and lively appearance to create life and activity in the immediate neighborhood and the city as a whole.

WE students v1 detail 3.jpg
WE students v3 patio 1.jpg
we students int 1.jpg