Name of project: Sydfynske Havne / Southern Funen Harbours
Assignment: Commission
Type: Masterplan / Concept development / Urban development
Client: Naturturisme I/S
Size: Masterplan for 8 harbours, variating in size
Location: South Funen, Denmark    
Year: -
Status: Completed
Architects: WE Architecture
Collaborators: Orange Elevator, JWH Arkitekter
Team: Anne Remme Jakobsgaard, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Julie Baerkelandt


The project takes a closer look at 8 harbors of variating size in Southern Funen, Denmark. Each harbor is transformed and renewed, focusing on making interesting and useful urban spaces for yachters and other recreational users of the harbor. The aim is to secure and enhance the use of and life on the harbors, so that they continue to be an important part of the cities, also in the future. This is accomplished through innovative masterplans and rethinking of programs and urban spaces at the harbors, developed in close dialog with the municipalities and harbor employees involved. 

Each proposal takes point of departure in the local and site-specific values and qualities found at the harbor today. It seeks to explore these potentials further and at the same time overcomes the challenges that each harbor faces today. 

To make the harbors more inviting and secure they will continue to be an active part of the city, we invite new user groups to use the harbors. These new user groups are often linked to water sport such as kayaking, diving, stand-up paddling etc. We believe it is important to invite users of all ages and statuses and turn the harbors into a open and including urban space. 

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