Name of project: Trongården
Assignment: -
Type: Social Housing
Client: KAB, Glotrup Ejendomsselskab
Size: -
Location: Hvissinge, Glostrup, Denmark    
Year: -
Status: Competitions
Collaborators: -
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Thea Gasseholm, Kasper Munk, Alexandru Pavel, Alessandro Scialdone, Camille Madinier, Corrado Galasso, Alicja Krzeszewska, Camille Taillardat


The development of Trongården is based around the close contact with Helsingør motorway, Klampenborgvej and the planned recreational area east of the site.

The objective is to find a solution to the problem with the noise and at the same time create a connection between this solution, the new district and the recreational area.

We propose a number of buildings that solve the problem with the noise as well as create a relationship and proximity to the planned recreational area. A building that both visually and functionally offers residents a life of peace, friendship and close contact with nature in an urban context.

The new Trongården, through a series of outdoor activities, will strengthen the story of living in an urban natural area. Our vision is that the new buildings in the future will form the framework for an urban green community of all ages. Residents will be able to gather in natural parks, have opportunity to grow their own vegetables, use outdoor training facilities, eat out and do many other types of activities.

Trongården will appear as a varied buildings with homes designed and planned to strengthen social contexts. This is, in our opinion, the prerequisite for a well-functioning housing development.