Name of project: UniverCity
Assignment: Workshop, UniverCity Performative Architecture - The City as a Learning Lab
Type: Masterplanning
Client: Aalborg University
Size: 10.000 m2
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Year: 2008
Status: -
Collaborators: Rockwellgroup, New York
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen

In August 2008 WE conducted an international workshop for students and architects. The traditional image of Aalborg as an industrial centre is disappearing and the city is undergoing a fundamental change. Aalborg’s future growth will depend on its ability to re-define itself based on new attractors. 

The University of Aalborg could emerge as the key to Aalborg’s re-development, establishing the city as a global cultural & knowledge based economy. The current University of Aalborg is located 5 kilometers outside of the city centre, disconnecting it from the city fabric. Rather than the University of Aalborg observing the city from the outside, the city could become a frame for learning.

By merging University and City, the possibility for greater interaction between culture, industry and learning arises. Two currently separate institutions could integrate to maximize their potential:
- Generating ‘The Creative City’, by focusing on pluralism and new public domains, leaving room for improvisation and learning. Increasing city revenue and social interaction based on shared programming.
- A broader, more diverse University base to attract foreign and domestic knowledge with direct interaction between business and education programs generating a new paradigm shift in educational thinking.