Name of project:  Villa Helix
Assignment: Private commission
Type: Family house
Client: Confidential   
Size: 800 m2
Location and area: Moscow, Russia
Year: 2017
Status: Private commision    
Budget: Undisclosed
Architects: WE Architecture     
Photo credits: -
Engineers: -     
Landscape architect: - 
Contractor: -
Consultant: -
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Alicja Krzeszewska, Antonina Salmina, Corrado Galasso, Beatrice Fanfati


Villa Helix is named after the helix shaped stair of the building. When entering the house from the southwest, the ground floor opens up towards the lake with a generous panoramic view. A sculptural stair leads you all the way up through the house. It spirals around an interior courtyard which provides sunlight and acts as an oasis of vegetation in the center of the building. The stair is the centerpoint from where all functions can be reached. From the exterior, the building has a robust but warm appearance. Each storey is rotated to create generous terraces, giving the house a unique expression. The principal materials used are concrete, stone and wood.