Name of project: Vridsløselille
Assignment: Competition
Type: Housing
Client: Undisclosed
Size: 4000 m2
Location: Ishøj municipality
Year: 2016
Status: Under development
Collaborators: BO-Vest
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Thea Gasseholm, Corrado Galasso,
Laura Ravier, Zhong Tian Wen.


How does the suburb look like in 2016 and how do you unite the general housing structure with the suburbs qualities? These two themes are the starting point for our approach to the project.

Our vision is to create a close settlement that provides the living qualities that someone moving out of the city wants to gain. A series of well-built housing that offers a variety of outdoor spaces and activities that support a healthy life
within the suburb.

Our vision is based on two overall wishes:

  1. Uniting the dream of owning your own house and garden, while creating both private and communal social space.

  2. To offer a varied range of housing types that support a diverse range of potential occupants.