Name of project: “WE”
Assignment: Invited competition
Type: Exhibition
Client: Dreyers Fond, Dansk Arkitektur Center
Size: 90 m2
Location: BLOX, Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 18th October - 2nd November 2018
Status: Completed
Collaborators: Wood Couture, Fritz Hansen, Nathalie Schwer
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, Sofie Brincker, Kasper Munk, Timothy Holmes, Giovanni Simioni, Ludovica Lamoure, Cemre Karaoglan ??


Dreyers Fond and the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) have joined forces to create a showroom at BLOX, the new gathering point for Danish architecture, design and new ideas. The showroom is a staircase gallery, showing the next wave of Danish architecture - told and conveyed by a number of talented and distinguished young Danish architectural companies.

Dreyers Fond supports projects and initiatives whose purpose is to promote architectural development and interaction with society. As a recipient of the Dreyers Fond’s grant WE got the opportunity to show our work at BLOX to the outside world and thereby gain a voice in the debate about new Danish architecture and its contribution to society’s development.

Our exhibition was kicked off Thursday the 18th of October and will be open until Friday the 2nd of November. We have temporarily moved a part of our office into BLOX, for you to explore our projects, engage in a conversation with our architects or simply hang out, drink coffee and read a book.

For us, community is the centre of our architecture, creative processes and work environment alike. The office should feel like an open minded home in which all are welcome and equally involved. Here, relaxed and playful energy prevails, transcending into our architectural end product – an energy we want to share with you.