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Livsrum Odense


Name of project: Livsrum Odense
Assignment: -
Type: Cancer Caring Centre
Client: -
Size: -
Location: Odense, Denmark
Year: 2012
Budget: -
Collaboration: -
Team: Marc Jay, Julie Schmidt-Nielsen, -


Livsrum Odense is a cancer centre placed in the middle of Odense Hospital park, opening up to the surrounding nature. The vision is to create a compact building in order to preserve the park and its tall trees as much as possible. Inside merges with outside, so nature is omnipresent as you move through the building. All this creates a place that, rather than making you feel institutionalized, gives you the sense of being at home, feeling safe and thereby strengthening the cancer patient.     

The building is shaped as an X, placed in the center of the green park and with equal distance to the surrounding building volumes. 


“To maximally compress the volume, all of the inside functions form a core in the middle of the building. The result is that all the open functions have views on the park and the green surroundings.”


The public, open and common facilities make out the X-shaped ground floor while the spaces for staff and volunteers are put in the first floor which forms an L.


The corners are rounded to provide fluent connections through the house. The common facilities in the ground floor thereby serve as one coherent spatial sequence, circuiting the inner core. On the first floor, semi-open functions such as the staffroom and the advisors’ office give the same sensation as below, by allowing free movement around the upper core. From here, you can reach two terraces overlooking the park. The two floors are connected through a double high atrium, the heart of the house.

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